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Below, you can see our most recent releases, including newly published books and exclusive shop designs. Most of our designs are 'Limited Edition' collections because we love to keep our store fresh and exciting! We also offer a range of PLR items and designs specifically curated for small business owners and budding entrepreneurs looking for a little help to kickstart their business journey.

Fall Design Collection

Proudly presenting our enchanting PLR Fall Design Collection – a treasure trove of delightful autumn-themed designs perfect for creating charming stickers, cozy mugs, and a variety of other small merchandise.

Retro Wall Art

Take a journey back in time with our Retro Wall Art Collection – a stunning array of vintage-inspired wall prints that will add a touch of classic charm to any room. Perfect for infusing your home or office with personality and style!

Chapter Release of <hidden title>

Our first book, with its title yet to be revealed, will be published in a chapter-by-chapter format. The first four chapters will be released on November 1st! Further information about the story and the author is coming soon.


Our aspiration is to be a source of joy and entertainment for everyone. We want to share our love for great stories and connect with other book lovers, while also supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs. That's what we are truly passionate about!

Hot & Trendy

We'll give you news about all the latest events and trends, whether it's viral BookTok trends, literature festivals, book releases, and more. We'll also provide tips and tricks about trending designs to support and encourage small business owners!

Short & Sweet

Here you'll find short stories spanning a range of genres. They all have in common that they're easy and quick to read, making them perfect for those who want light, easy
entertainment that can be finished in an evening or two.


Everyone's favorite genre, either secretly or openly (yes, we're looking at you, "I'm not watching Bridgerton, honest!" husbands). Contemporary, historical, YA/NA, fantasy, dark and mysterious... here, we indulge in it all. 


We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and evolve, regardless of their background. All of our educational content is free, meaning we will never charge any money for these articles and e-books.


We're thrilled to welcome you to our community of book lovers and digital content enthusiasts! Here, we embrace the joy of reading in all its wonderful forms—whether you're curling up with a thrilling mystery, journeying through new worlds in a sci-fi adventure, or finding inspiration in a touching memoir. Consider us your literary lounge, where you can discover your next favorite read and connect with fellow book enthusiasts. We’re always in the loop on the latest trends, from must-read titles blowing up on #BookTok to the hidden gems everyone will be buzzing about next month.

So, grab your favorite reading device, settle into your coziest chair, and dive into the next adventure that awaits. Happy reading!


"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."

- F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

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